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Prompt for Week #109 (Dec 3, 2022 – Dec 9, 2022)

Sadly, even love loses to fate.

Shweta is our host and you can contribute here ⬇️


… of a lasting kind…


Here’s a conversation for a prompt.

Person A : How many children do you have?

Person B : Biological, spiritual, emotional or legal?

My thoughts

Me and Mine : the mum in me

A touch of love. They are the key to my soul and heart. Whilst one is my pride, the other is my joy. As I watch my girls grow, their difference in personalities are intriguing and, yes, sometimes frustrating. The wondrous part is I’ve learnt that my two little girls balance me. Whilst the eldest is my pride, the youngest humbles me. As I navigate these waters of motherhood, and alone of recent, I try my best to instill morals and values of a lasting kind. My legacy for me and mine: Your name walks before you. Confidence is your crown, simplicity your jewels and respect is your gown.

Me and ours : the aunt in me

A touch of tenderness. Nieces and nephews are delights to a home. Having many of my own, running around my home, they bring joy to the heart in ways of their own. “Being a sister is an honor, being an aunt is priceless.” My legacy for me and ours: Simply, I love you to the moon and back and back again.

Me and yours : the teacher in me

A touch of pride. The teacher in me takes pride in the honor of being a part of your child’s life. My role in my children’s lives are of such an intricate nature. Guiding, teaching, nurturing and helping to mould their tender minds for a better future. Promoting their strengths and building on their weaknesses. The best feeling is when you bump into your learner years later, and they come up to you excitedly to remind you that you had taught them.
My legacy for me and yours: Dream big and let your knowledge and mind do the rest.

At year-end I always slip in a goodbye message to my learners. A beautiful and simple poem by John Wesley.

Do all the good you can,
by all the means you can,
in all the ways you can,
in all the places you can,
at all the times you can,
to all the people you can,
as long as ever you can.

Let us be remembered not for the wealth we leave behind, but for the love and wisdom from a pure heart and a true mind.


Funny Friday’s : Just for laughs

Emojis defined : today’s generation

When an emoji of a broken heart 💔 simply means a broken heart, and this one 😐 means a serious face to me. But today’s kids say else wise 🙄.

She says I have a lot to learn 😁 even though I’ve been on social media platforms longer than her 🙄.

It confuses the hell out of me the way the emojis are interpreted by today’s generation (or perhaps it’s just me? 🤔🤭) Where are the days of what you see is what you get? 👀 (and I do hope that this 👀 relates to seeing or using your eyes and not something totally opposite … lol)

A quick conversation on confirmation of holiday dates that she was extremely ecstatic about‍. So, the initial response baffled me and the explanation was hilarious. I just didn’t get it… 😁. That’s what I call ‘hard to keep up with today’s generation.’

Have a lovely Friday🤍🤗


A premonition is of use if it helps you change the course of life’s events

But through my journey, I’ve learnt a thing or two of life’s torments

There’s no bigger force than Fate and all it represents 

So, a premonition is of use only if it helps you change the course of life’s events

inaudible screams

Her subconscious, assailed by inaudible screams

Reached her lips but silenced through celestial means

Her anguished shards of shattered dreams

Wrenched from her grasp, her torment extremes

Ruinous her wails to earth’s steady schemes

As the ambrosia of her soul, retreat with the beams ….

Her silent tears flow for
Deaths regimes

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