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Written for : Eugenia’s Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #144 – 5/23/23 – Good-natured

stillness consoles

sapiently mirrors calm

good-natured moments


Published by Destiny


64 thoughts on “#good-natured#

                    1. I do know hindi/urdu. Urdu and English are both home language.

                      I’m from South Africa.

                      Lol, I agree… Various ways…. I just stick to the simple though 😂

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    1. Perhaps it’s what we wish to see, though had I added on a few more lines it would of probably read to the dangers below 😁
      I think it also depends on the mindset at the time of writing but no doubt, it is a beautiful and serene setting.
      Oops, I wrote a short story here, and it probably does not answer your question 😂🤭
      what is it, indeed? 🤍

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