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Written for : Sajde‘s WDYS #176

Another prompt
that had me
fumbling a bit. 🙃
tends to happen
when related to
pets (except birds😁).
so, here goes,
a silly little rhyme
for a cute
little canine.🤗

A small cuddle please
to chase the sadness

Hold me tighter please
I can see the madness

Your hugs are great please
Leaves me breathless

Your tickles are sweet, please
So very humorous

Now set me free please
I feel adventurous

Lose the leash please
I am not so dangerous

I’m an animal please
clever, not brainless

If I wander off, please
I know our address

I wish to explore please
Just an experience

I won’t run away, please
That would be careless

And I’ll always come home, please
For home is happiness.


Published by Destiny


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